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Another Dawn  -Sandra Brown Chill Factor Sandra Brown Fat Tuesday  -Sandra Brown
Betrayal had ruined Banner Coleman's wedding day, and on her wedding night she found herself a jilted bride. Now the seeds of greed and desire are harvesting a scandal - and Banner's affair with an old family friend could shatter both a friendship and a family.
Suspense abounds in this gripping new thriller from New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown, in which a successful magazine editor is trapped in her remote cabin with a man believed to be a serial killer.

Cleary, North Carolina, is a sleepy mountain town -- the kind of place where criminal activity is usually limited to parking violations. Not so, lately. Four women have disappeared from Cleary over the past two years. And there's always a blue ribbon left near the spot where each of the women was last seen. There are no bodies, no other clues, and no suspicion as to who their abductor might be. And now, another woman has disappeared without a trace.

It is to this backdrop that Lilly Martin returns to close the sale of her mountain cabin, marking the end of her turbulent eight-year marriage to Dutch Burton, Cleary's chief of police. Dutch's reluctance to let her go isn't Lilly's only obstacle. As she's trying to outrun a snowstorm, her car skids on the icy road and strikes a man who emerges from the woods on foot. She recognizes the injured man as Ben Tierney, whom she'd met the previous summer. They're forced to wait out the storm in the cabin, but as the hours of their confinement mount, Lilly begins to wonder if the greatest danger to her safety isn't the blizzard outside, but the mysterious man right beside her.

Is Ben Tierney the feared abductor? Or is he who he claims to be...her rescuer from harm and from the tragedy that haunts her?

The compelling characters, sexual tension, and stunning plot twists in Sandra Brown's Chill Factor combine to create a page-turner that will keep readers guessing until the very end.
Burke Basile is a cop with nothing left to lose. Haunted by his partner's death, his marriage and his career over, he focuses on his nemesis, Pinkie Duvall, a flamboyant attorney who helps killers evade justice. Burke's shocking revenge centres around kidnapping Remy, the lawyer's trophy wife. But Burke hasn't planned on the electric attraction he will feel for this desperate woman, who rose from the slums of New Orleans to marry a man she can never love. Nor can he predict the fierce duel that will explode as the clock ticks towards midnight on Fat Tuesday, when all masks will be stripped away - and Burke must confront his own terrifying secret.
The Silken Web  -Sandra Brown

Beautiful fashion buyer Kathleen Haley was determined to resist ErikGudjonsen, the magnetic blond photographer on assignment at the camp whereshe was a volunteer counselor. But soon she was swept into the tide of anuncontrollable desire--deeply in love with a man she hardly knew.Then Kathleen made a shocking discovery: Erik would never be free to loveher. So she fled to San Francisco to start a new life with dark, gentledepartment store magnate Seth Kirchoff--only to learn she was carryingErik's child.But even as the kindly Seth gave her son his own name, Kathleen knew shecould never forget the man she still loved with an aching need: Erik, theone man she must never possess!